Team building activity of 2021

Team building activity of Yantai Amho International Trade Co.,Ltd.

Jun 15, 2020, we organized team building activities in the basketball court. This activity provides a forum for enhancing communication and understanding between employees, improving the dedication of the staff, publicizing its enterprise culture, and strengthening the coherence. 


We are divided into three groups. This activity includes four parts: the first part is setting team logos, names, slogans and team songs; the second part is guessing words, to inspect the understanding degree of each other; believing each other is important in the third activity; the forth part show the communication skills. Finally, the general manager Richard Yu summed up and the winning team received a award.
This activity was very successful and all colleagues were in high spirits. The friendship and trust between the colleague was enhanced, and the importance of the teamwork was also epitomized in this activity.

Post time: May-13-2021