Magnetic Separator

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Material: Carbon steel,stainless steel.magnetic roller
Type:First step filter
Structure:magnetic roller

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Brand Amho
Model Number XYCF
Material Carbon steel
Available Color Black,white,red,grey,yellow.
QEM service Can be customized
Packing Plywood case
Payments Western union, Money gram, Paypal,,Wire transfer.
Shipping  By sea.By air
Delivery time Within 15working days after your payment.


Non-standardCustomer request

Grinding machine

Performance and Application

This machine is mainly applied for cooling liquid,cutting oil purification procedure of grinding equipment and other machine tools.It absorbs the tiny iron dust and attaching impurities within cooling liquid(oil) by the magnetic drum of separator.It can reduce the correction times of gringing wheel,extend service life of cutters,shorten the replacing period of cooling liquid,and reduce intensity of operators and environmental pollution of sewage.It is an important fuctional part of grinding machine tool and other cutting equipment.


1.Compact sizt,stable operation,low noise,low power consumption.
2.Discharge chips quantitatively, no overloading..
3.It can be manufactured according to specified space of the machine tool.

Maintenance table:



Interval Type of work Safety instruction/remark
Stripping plate 1 week Cleaning The interval can be prolonged or shortened,depending on the composition of the discharge
3 months Check for wear and damage,adjust In case of strong wear or damage,replace.Adjustment.
Driving chain 3 months Check the tension and if necessary tighten, oil. Only for version with driving chain.
Containers and hose assemblies. 6 months Check for tightness,corrosion and damage. Substances harmful to the environment may not  penetrate under any circumstances.
Gear motor ---- See instruction manual  
Antifriction bearing ---- Maintenance-free  
Coolant tanks. 500 working hours Check for contamination (sludge deposits)and clean Depending on the tooling method the interval may be greatly shortened.

Cooling tanks are special accessories and are therefore not installed in every plant.

ModelSize XYCF-25 XYCF-50 XYCF-75 XYCF-100 XYCF-200 XYCF-300 XYCF-400 XYCF-500
L(mm) 320 360 380 410 520 540 540 600
L1(mm) 290 330 320 380 490 500 500 560
B(mm) 216 300 380 430 600 730 810 952
B1(mm) 246 320 400 445 615 760 840 988
B2(mm) 265 336 416 465 636 780 860 1024
B3(mm) 301 385 465 515 685 833 911 1058
H(mm) 200 200 200 200 200 300 350 300
H1(mm) 130 130 130 130 130 190 190 190
D2(mm) 100 120 120 125 125 150 200 290
Note: The size of the above is standard product, can be customized according to customer’s requirement.


There is permanent magnet(ferrite or neodymium iron boron,2 kinds of magnetic intensities:1000GS and 3000GS) inside the magnetic drum. the magnetic drum rotates driven by the motor. when liquid containing magnetic iron impurity is near the magnetic drum, the magnetic drum can separate the magnetic iron impurity. When impurities follow the magnetic drum to the upper part, the rubber roller squeezes the liquid back. When the magnetic drum drives the impurity to the scraper ,the scraper scrapes off the impurities on the magnetic drum. The magnetic separator is mainly used for the purification of the cooling liquid(cutting fluid or emulsion) of the grinding machine and other machine tools. To use magnetic separators can reduce the numbers of grinding wheel correction, improve the surface finish of the workpiece, prolong the service life of the grinding wheel and cooling fluid, reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the pollution of cooling liquid to the environment. Magnetic separator can be used alone, and also can be used in conjunction with paper band filter, chip cleaner and vortex separator to enhance the filtration effect.
Magnetic separator can be classified into the following according to the process flow:XYCF-25, XYCF-75, XYCF-100, XYCF-200, XYCF-300, XYCF-400, XYCF-500.

How to select:

Generally speaking, to choose which model depends on the coolant flow rate needed at the site. The main factors to consider in choosing the model include: process flow, the inlet height of the magnetic separator and installation space at the site. The magnetic separator’s fixed hole is 4-9.
Magnetic separator can also be made into motor built-in type, half magnetic for the magnetic drum and the magnetic drum rotating, but no rotation for magnet.

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