Deoiling machine

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Material:  Carbon steel,stainless steel.

Type: Centrifuge

Condition: New

Structure: Automatic

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Brand Amho
Model Number AHDM
Material Carbon steel
Available Color Black,white,red,grey,yellow.
QEM service Can be customized
Packing Plywood case
Payments Western union, Money gram, Paypal,,Wire transfer.
Shipping  By sea.By air
Delivery time Within 15working days after your payment.


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Gulleting machine,milling machine,gear hobbing machine


Chip deoiling machine is a new kind of environmental protection and energy saving equipment, is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry.For gear milling machine, gear shaper, gear hobbing machine and all kinds of west oil chip produced by cutting equipment, can undertake deoiling directly, the deoiling rate can reach more than 90%.Other mechanical processing equipment to produce long strip, spiral and clumps of oil chip, subject to mill's grinding after deoiling by deoiling machine again.Chip length is less than 80 mm, and could not form clumps.
Chip deoiling machine,chip conveyor,chip shredder and centrifuge combination, can make the oil chip and separation of the cutting oil, cutting oil purification processing automation


Ø automatic continuous operation
Ø long service life
Ø contact with chip components were treated with wear-resisting
Ø equipped with spring damping mechanism
Ø used in machine tool chip output configuration
Ø machine cost is low
Ø easy maintenance, low use cost
Install a flush pipe, can be clean oil cavity automatically, to avoid congestion


Three-phase motor through a belt drive the rotor, dry drum rotational speed can reach 1100 r/min, in the case of high speed, attached to the chip cutting oil is a strong centrifugal force, which from the chip, mesh through careful, scientific design, my company will block in the mesh, oil will be left out of mesh, oil into the oil cavity, from the oil outlet discharge device, dust accumulated within the container, due to the role of the centrifugal force cutting automatically out of equipment.Because the chip has a tiny diameter, may with oil through the mesh, the accumulated on the support plate, if not promptly eliminate, will, therefore, we design the scraps at the bottom of the device, to achieve continuous, automatic operation.After dry crumbs fall into the discharge of chip removal machine, to ascend into within the chip.The machine has a large single feed, throw dust clean, solid-liquid separation thoroughly, and many other advantages, according to the cutting chip designer, durable, easy to operate, safe and reliable, is the ideal equipment to dry scraps.

Technical parameters

Model AHDM-300Z AHDM-500Z AHDM-600T AHDM-1000T
Power 1.1kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw
Control Voltage DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V
Input power 380V 50HZ

480V 60HZ

380V 50HZ

480V 60HZ

380V 50HZ

480V 60HZ

380V 50HZ

480V 60HZ

Deoiling rate 90%~95% 90%~95% 90%~95% 90%~95%
Rotate speed 1900r/min 1700r/min 1200r/min 1000r/min
Capacity 0.35m³/h 0.7 m³/h 0.6 m³/h 1.3 m³/h
Size 1022*700*982 1080*726*1165 1000*1064*1050 1060*1054*1500
Chips form Foliated,












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