Milk cooling tank, milking machine

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Material: Stainless steel 304

After-sales Service: 12 months

Condition: New

Structure: Oil resistant

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Brand Amho
Model Number ZLBX
Material Sus 304
Available Color None
MOQ 1 set
QEM service Standard
Packing Plywood case
Payments Western union, Money gram, Paypal,,Wire transfer.
Shipping By sea.By air
Delivery timeCapacity: Within 15working days after your payment.500L,1000L,2000L,3000L,5000L,10000L



Farm,animal husbandry machinery

Products introduction

Fully closed straight cooling type milk cooling tank model:1~30 tons.

Manufacturing standards:Q/LEO 001-2002 ,ISO5708 international standard.

Refrigeration speed: ISO5708 standard requirements.

Compressor: United States Valley Wheel-Flexible scroll compressor.

Tank: Inside and outside completely use SUS304 stainless steel material,the seal head adopts the mechanism of forming the mold,the circular arc radius is larger than 30mm,the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Connection of tank and machine unit: hold together and separately installation.

Insulation layer:overall polyurethane foam,thickness of foam layer of 60~80mm,temperature rise less than 2℃ in 24 hours.

Evaporator:Unique manufacturing process,with a super high cooling rate and long life,2-3 times than the normal evaporator.Select high performance mixing motor and unique mixing rotor stator positioning technology to ensure long-term stable operation of mixing blades,with no noise,no deformation,so that the original milk stirring more evenly,to maintain the quality of raw milk.

Electric control system:automatic start,automatic stop,timing stirring,automatic fault protection,automatic alarm.


1.Automatic cleaning device.

2.Electronic metering device.

Model Matching power Power Capacity Material Voltage Dimension
ZLBX-200-700 2HP 1.8KW 500L SUS304 220V 1860*1300*1100
ZLBX-2000 3P 3KW 1000~2000L SUS304 380V~480V 2200*1400*1180
ZLBX-3000 6P 6KW 3000L SUS304 380V~480V 3000*1830*1180
ZLBX-6000 14P 14KW 6000L SUS304 380V~480V 3800*2300*2000
ZLBX-10000 20P 20KW 10000L SUS304 380V~480V 4355*2120*2340

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