Plastic drag chain using characters

Suitable for use in reciprocating motion situation, to the built-in cable, tubing, the trachea, pipes, etc have traction and protection.
Drag chain of each section to open, easy installation and maintenance.When motion low noise, wear-resisting, high speed movement.
Mixer towline has been widely applied in nc machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door machines, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting transport equipment, automatic warehouse etc.
The structure of engineering plastic drag chain
Looks like the tank chain drag chain, is composed of many unit link, link between rotating freely.
In pieces within the same set of drag chain is high, high, pitch the same.Is high, the bending radius R inside the drag chain can have a different choice.
Mixer unit link consists of about chain plate and the cover plate, drag chain of each section to open.Convenient installation.Without threading, after open the cover, can pull the cable, tubing, the trachea, etc in the chain.
The other can provide separator, space according to the need to separate the chain.
The basic parameters of engineering plastic drag chain
Material: reinforced nylon, high pressure and the tensile load, good toughness high elastic wear-resistant flame retardant.High and low temperature Bt stable performance and can be used in outdoor.
Resistance of patience: demodex oil, salt and there is a certain acid, pt inch alkali ability.
Running speed and acceleration minnith: Max speed up to 5 m/s, maximum acceleration can be up to 5 m/s’ (depending on the operation of the specific speed, acceleration).
Operating life: under the condition of normal use overhead, up to 5 million reciprocating motion number (specific life depending on the idle running condition).

Post time: May-18-2021